Good Morning!

I am very excited about today… “Do tell” you say…

Well today, I will begin a 21 day Daniel Fast. A Daniel Fast consists of fruits, veggies, and water followed by lots of prayer and lots of time in God’s Word. I do not want to miss out on a great spiritual breakthrough because I fail to fast. In Pastor Jentenzen Franklin’s Book “Fasting” he says that when we eliminate food from our diet for a number of days, our spirit becomes uncluttered by the things of this world and amazingly sensitive to the things of God.

We see this in Psalms 42:7 When David was fasting and we see how his hunger and thirst for God was greater than his desire for food. It’s like something in us breaks when we completely depend on God during a fast.

In Ecclesiastes 4:12 it says “A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” What do you think Solomon is talking about here? GIVING, PRAYING, AND FASTING.

And then, Jesus says in Matthew 17:20 “Nothing will be impossible”. I am taking that promise to the bank now! hahaha. But seriously, I sometimes think about God’s blessing as a grocery store, I put in one thing in my cart, then another and maybe one more thing… but how many more blessings am I leaving behind? Why am I not filling up my grocery cart? All the items in the store are free, but what is keeping me away from seeing what has been laid out for me?

I don’t want to be easily broken when temptation comes knocking at my door, and trust me sometimes it knocks so hard it can get a little scary. I’m not just talking about food here, how many of you battle with sin every single day? I know it’s not just me.

If you are ready to experience a supernatural spiritual breakthrough with God, then begin a fast today, right now. There are many kinds of fasts, maybe you can fast from TV or music, or maybe just fast in the morning, however you chose to fast know that God will see your sacrifice, and with this extra time you will have, use it to dive into His Word.

Remember that with God we are able to overcome all things. Along with the Bible, I strongly encourage you to buy Pastor Jentenzen Franklin’s Book “Fasting”, it’s about $10 Amazon or B&N carry it.

Godbless 🙂

Thinspiration for today